With more than 10 million customers PEARL is one of Europe’s largest online mail order company for innovative technology, lifestyle products or useful helpers for home & office! The product range includes more than 15,000 articles. The predominantly male target group is mostly multi-buyers who respond positively to offers from the areas of internet & media, financial services, travel, practical novelties and bargains of all kinds.
The customers are acquired over multi-page advertising in millions of copies in well-known computer magazines, ADAC magazines etc. as well as over the Internet. Further selection possibilities, e.g. Internet purchaser, age selection, product purchase are possible.
An average of 280,000 parcels will be send out to the large buyer community month after month. The Pearl GmbH also offers inserts with recommendation on request. For inserts there is no separation according to private customer / company (approx. 95% private customers) possible.