Atelier Goldner GmbH is a mail order company specialized in mid-price range women’s fashion located in Münchberg in upper Franconia, Germany. The company is one of the market leaders in the 50+ age segment and is known for perfect fit fashion targeting best-ager customers. Atelier Goldner Schnitt is the number 1 when it comes to size diversity and a perfect fit. Quality-conscious ladies aged 50+ will find the perfect piece of clothing for (almost) any figure. That’s what our customers appreciate most: Fitting & Sizes Special and intermediate sizes: extra small, short and normal, all sizes up to 54 All tops are also available in short sizes. 2 trouser types: Classic & Comfort Common standard sizes often do not provide the size and fit more mature women would expect of a garment. Therefore, Atelier Goldner Schnitt has developed a special dimensional concept for sizecompatible cuts – perfectly matched to the womanly body shape. Trousers are not just shorter, the entire cut is adapted to the dimensions of smaller women. Atelier Goldner Schnitt’s excellent cut emphasizes the beauty of the female body, but also ensures comfort and freedom of movement. By the time a woman reaches the age of 50, she knows her body well. Therefore, she needs fashion that showcases her silhouette in delicate features and beautiful proportions: Blazers designed to provide comfort fit at the yoke and back for increased freedom of movement, as well as an optimal arm length; trousers with stretchable and adjustable waistband solutions.