Online marketing redefined: More visibility, more growth

Reach your online target groups! With our effective and customised advertising solutions for desktop and mobile.

Select the appropriate online communication tools for your successful online marketing strategy and reach the right target group with the right offers in the digital world!

Your goals, our commitment: together we can achieve more in the digital age!


Together with you, customised to your individual goals and needs, we will pave the way to maximum success! Every target group changes, including yours – we will show you how you can use moving images to get straight into the minds of your target group!

Social Media

Immerse yourself in the world of social media marketing. From customised strategies and creative content to targeted campaigns – we bring your brand to life!

Programmatic Advertising

Use automated technologies for targeted advertising placements and maximum performance. Programmatic advertising: the art of reaching your target group in the right place at the right time. Trebbau, your partner for customised solutions and convincing results.

Classic banner formats

Our goal: Your success! Where the world connects – your opportunity for new customers and reach! Discover the versatile banner advertising formats that place your message effectively. From classic display banners to interactive rich media ads.

Special forms of advertising

We present your message creatively with special online advertising formats. Trebbau, your partner for customised campaigns that will be remembered. Together we realise successful campaigns with online special advertising formats such as: Native Ads, Flipbooks or Carousel Ads.



Trebbau is not only a dialogue marketing agency, but also the source for your HR strategy! We support you in breaking new ground in your personnel search and finding suitable employees!

Addressable TV (ATV)

Reach your target group directly on their screens with Addressable TV (ATV). Show individual commercials, perfectly tailored to their interests and location – without interrupting the programme. Develop the right strategy with us now. Not only do we deliver great results, we also have the right tools to take you and your business to the next level.


Connected TV (CTV)

The only constant in marketing is change. Discover the future of television with Connected TV (CTV). Seamlessly connect TV and the internet via smart TVs, streaming devices or games consoles and reach your target audience while streaming. Get started with CTV and Trebbau direct media!