E-mail marketing

Using e-mail marketing to win new customers

E-mail marketing is a successful and efficient dialogue marketing tool that ensures a personal and target group-oriented approach to users with no scatter losses. Most people access their e-mail every day. Whether you send out e-mail advertising with an integrated newsletter, classic stand-alone messages or e-mails with recommendatory character, by personalising your messages and addressing your target group specifically, you can make sure that your information reaches the intended recipient cost-effectively and reliably.

The success of your e-mail campaign can be measured right from the very first second.
However, in spite of the low costs, here, too, the “right” addresses and professional looking promotional materials can make the difference between success and failure.

Why not let us advise you?

  • On renting qualified e-mail addresses (B2B and B2C, at home and abroad)
  • On designing promotional materials to elicit a high level of response and excellent conversion rates
  • On the planning, optimisation and implementation of your e-mail campaigns

The right way to use e-mail marketing

Thanks to our partners, we have access to millions of high-quality e-mail recipients. Depending on the number of subscribers to newsletters, these can be selected according to personal interests and affinities, age, gender, regions and other demographic criteria.

We would be happy to assist you in finding and selecting the right e-mail addresses.

We pride ourselves on always finding our customers the right target group for their products and services. From target group analysis, planning and management of your campaigns, optimisation of subject lines, spam filter checks and advice on optimisation of promotional materials through to results analysis, we will support you in your next stand-alone e-mail campaign.

With us, you gain access to millions of high-quality e-mail recipients who have been acquired via a verifiable double opt-in process. Why not plan your next efficient and effective e-mail campaign with us and take advantage of our expertise in marketing to target groups?

The unbeatable benefits of a standalone campaign:

  • No printing -­ & or postage costs
  • Short lead times
  • Measurable from the very first second
  • Personalisation and an approach tailored specifically to your target group
  • A cost-efficient means of communication
  • Increased sales figures

Sustainable B2C e-mail marketing

With more than 40 million B2C e-mail recipients, we can help you legally reach just about every target group! All addresses offered by us have exercised a verifiable double opt-in. We are familiar with the market and know which inventories are relevant for your products and services. Thanks to individually designed stand-alones and an approach tailored to your target group, you can win new customers and increase your turnover.

Successful B2B e-mail marketing

With over 3.6 million B2B e-mail contacts from more than 40 target groups, you can make a targeted approach to your potential customers through e-mail advertising. All of our data is legally compliant, double opt-in verified and completely up to date. Whether you are looking for doctors, architects, farmers, companies by number of employees, top decision makers etc., we will find the optimum target group for you to ensure an efficient and successful e-mail campaign for your products and services.

Our services, your benefits:

  • Analysis and selection of your target group tailored to your stand-alone e-mail campaign
  • Planning, management and implementation of your regular e-mail campaigns
  • Ongoing research into new target group potential
  • The transparency of our data recommendations is a top priority for us
  • Our advice is neutral and independent
  • Advice and support in optimising your promotional materials with regard to response and conversion
  • Plan your cross-media campaigns with us and approach your potential customers via a range of communication channels
  • Immediate performance review through results analysis/reporting based on opening and click rates and your target CPO
  • Continuous optimisation based on previous e-mail campaigns. Together we will take what we have learned and employ it for future e-mail campaigns!
  • We will carry out a reconciliation of your e-mail addresses for you (depending on the size of the list)
  • We offer a blacklist reconciliation, blocking of existing customers and an A/B test

We know the market inside and out and have the necessary expertise – use it to reach your target group! Are you looking for suitable e-mail addresses? Contact Sabine Schätzer, our online specialist, today.