Acquiring new customers

Winning and informing customers and ensuring their loyalty.
The full service package from Trebbau

No matter what sector you come from, we will find the new customers suitable for your business. Whether you are looking for private or business customers, trying to attract new customers from Germany or abroad, with over 80 years of experience in dialogue marketing, we are the ideal partner and service provider for you. Based on our brief, together we will find the right way to put your objectives into practice.


Successfully winning new customers depends on a range of factors

Just as every person is different, so the strategies you need to employ to attract them as potential customers are different. Using our decades-long experience in dealing with dialogue marketing concepts, we will identify with certainty which path you should take. Our range of products and services is as diverse as the tasks we are given by our customers. Take advantage of our expertise, and increase the success of your marketing campaigns to win new customers. We can offer professional consulting services in:

  • Selecting appropriate potential customers/interested parties
  • Selecting the right media channels
  • Data processing
  • Production technologies and distribution solutions

Why not let our experienced staff provide you with a non-binding, free consultation on your options for successfully acquiring new customers?

Winning new customers by selecting the right target group

The biggest factor in successfully winning new customers is selecting the right target group. Our target group consultants will use their expertise and the results of relevant market research and market analyses to help you draw up a detailed profile of your target group. We will be right by your side if you want to expand into another country.

Cross-media marketing

We offer the full range! Addressed, partially addressed, unpersonalised, on or offline, we are happy to help you build up your acquisition of new customers. We recommend cross-media marketing to attract as many people as possible from your target group, because approaching them via a variety of channels increases the efficiency of your dialogue marketing campaigns.

How do you use effective new customer potential?

Data processing and address optimisation are essential components of any dialogue marketing campaign. Depending on whether you hope to win new customers via a mailshot through the post, an e-mail or partially addressed via a Postwurfspezial, data processing provides various options for generating “genuine” new customers, saving on costs and testing out promotional materials.

What products do you use to attract new customers?

Print is still the picture book that provides inspiration. Personalised and eye-catching mailshots are particularly suited for attracting attention from new customers. We offer a full service: from printing and punctual distribution of your promotional materials to individual personalisation and insertion into envelopes.