Online advertising

Strengthen your brand and impress future customers with display- & mobile advertising!

Thanks to the increase in mobile technology and to multi-screen use, the possibilities and technologies in digital media are constantly and rapidly developing. Over the years, concepts such as real time bidding (RTB), real time advertising (RTA), big data, residual space marketing, retargeting and programmatic have been recurrent buzzwords in online marketing.

Trebbau supports you in making a targeted and efficient approach to your target group by means of performance or branding campaigns. Through precise targeting and the systematic purchasing of digital advertising space, you can minimise scatter losses and not only direct customers to your online shop, but also score points for your brand.

Take advantage of the opportunities available when you combine desktop advertising with mobile advertising. A cross-media combination really increases the effectiveness of your advertising!

Take advantage of our expertise! Trebbau will support you in your media planning, enabling you to reach your online target group thanks to our effective and precisely tailored advertising solutions for desktop and mobile.

Programmatic advertising

Nowadays, in addition to the classic banner ads, advertising spaces are increasingly being bought and placed programmatically. Programmatic advertising enables us to define your target group precisely and identify where the willingness to buy is greatest during the course of the campaign. This results in an extended target group, greater range and improved performance and reduces scatter losses.

Together with our certified partners we offer:

  • Complete media planning for the relevant advertising platforms corresponding to your target group (targeting)
  • Residual spaces (with low CPM)
  • CPA accounting models
  • Creation of display advertising media (optional, undertaken by partner advertising agencies)
  • Campaign management including optimisation
  • Monitoring of success and analysis of results
  • B2C and B2B target groups at home and abroad

Native ads increase your appeal

In addition to classic display ads, a particularly attractive advertising format are adverts that adapt to the publisher’s environment, also known as native ads. Designed like a small PR ad, this promotional material conveys useful or interesting content in an appropriate editorial context, thereby reaching a much wider public. Another important factor when it comes to this type of advertising is that native ads are generally not recognised by ad blockers and also work for mobile platforms. What is more, they do not interrupt the reader’s flow.

Mobile advertising: take advantage of the very attractive “permanently available” target group

When did you last look at your smartphone? The chances are it was not that long ago, because nowadays mobile phones are a man’s best friend. We are permanently online, wherever we are. Whether we are sitting on the train or on our couch at home, we are acquiring information, getting our bearings, making comparisons, playing, shopping and much more.

Why not use mobile advertising to reach your target group on their smartphones or tablets as they go about their business? The timing, offer and target group must be precisely aligned so that your promotional message reaches your future customers at just the right moment.

Mobile advertising gives you the chance to make your brand your consumers’ constant companion and to reach your potential customers personally – any time, anywhere. A range of targeting options, such as demographics, device type, provider, place or weather etc., enable you to make a targeted approach at the right time and in the right place.

We will plan and implement individual campaigns for you.

The countless opportunities in online advertising

Whether for desktop or mobile, a focus in our online advertising range is on display advertising, also known as banner ads. In order to achieve your online marketing goals, we offer a range of different models such as cost per thousand (CPM), cost per click (CPC), cost per lead (CPL) cost per order (CPO) and cost per action (CPA). We will talk to you personally to find the right model that best meets your needs.
In selecting the best online placement we draw on affiliate networks, banner marketplaces, ad networks and those involved in marketing on their own behalf and put together a special quote for you based on your targets,

enabling you to increase the success of your campaign.

Online advertising with Trebbau

Naturally we will be happy to offer support for your online media planning! Speak to Sabine Schätzer. Tell us your online targets, what target group you have in mind and the advertising format you want to use. Based on the requirements in your briefing, we will select the right tools for your campaign. We will be happy to help with the creation of promotional materials if needed, and look forward to entering into a lively exchange with you!

Our online glossaryincludes many concepts and definitions related to online marketing. Why not take a look?