Print preparation – variable data printing (VDP)

We will prepare your print data so that it is suitable for any digital printing system.

We arrange all variable content so that it appears exactly where you want in your communications. Whether you want to print mailshots, transactional documents or personalised prices and photos in flyers and brochures, or to deliver them within Germany or abroad, Trebbau will make it possible thanks to our print preparation of your data.

Print preparation at Trebbau

Using variable data printing, we can individualise your mailshots, brochures or other promotional materials with the aid of the personalisation and address management software GMC Inspire Designer. For this, a placeholder is created for each personalised element. This is subsequently filled in automatically with the relevant data for the particular recipient on the basis of the address database and thanks to individual rules created in GMC.

Trebbau creates all the requisite print data for the in-house print shop or for external processors in PDF or AFP formats. What is more, Trebbau also undertakes the generation of PDF/A files for archiving.


Our services at a glance:

  • Optimisation of address data
  • Creation of print templates
  • Structure programming
  • Output management

The benefits for you:

  • Variable prices and photos in flyers
  • Transactional documents
  • Long-term digital archiving with PDFs

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