TRANSACTIONAL PRINTING – standard communications

Communicate regularly with your customers

Transactional documents such as invoices, receipts for donations, official notifications or warnings are read more frequently and with more attention than direct mailshots. So why not take advantage of this?

With every personalised communication you can deliver important messages directly to your customers and, as a result, create a positive customer experience. Whether you want to point out new products or unbeatable offers, or simply pass on important information, the right design will arouse the reader’s interest

White paper solution

Save on the costs of drawing up, storing and transporting pre-printed forms and reduce the risk of your communications being put together incorrectly. New four-colour printing technologies enable the data for the content and the layout to be combined and printed on plain white paper. Why not take advantage of a white paper solution?

Closed loop

A target/actual comparison within the distribution preparation process checks in a so-called “closed loop” whether all communications are being sent to the correct addressee. Any documents which have not been printed or processed correctly are identified and automatically reprinted. As a result, you are guaranteed that 100% of all documents are printed and sent to the right addressees.