Insert marketing

An indispensable component in the dialogue marketing mix

When it comes to effective dialogue marketing, inserts in parcels, catalogues and the media have become indispensable. Internet shopping is a trend which is constantly growing. This development has resulted in a change in marketing: target groups can be selected more precisely and the number of companies whose parcels can include one of your inserts is growing.

The benefits for you:

  • Recipients are always up to date
  • No addressing or postage costs
  • No “return to sender”
  • Easy to measure responses
  • Attract a lot of attention from recipients

Insert marketing offers a wide range of options

The classic versions are parcel, catalogue or media inserts, but there are also other, highly successful options. Ambient inserts are a very efficient way to reach your target groups while they are shopping or enjoying some leisure activities. Unaddressed deliveries to households are becoming more targeted thanks to geo and target group optimisation. Ambient and special inserts, e.g. on the packaging of baked goods or coat hangers, in advertising packages for those who have just obtained their driving licenses, new parents, newly-weds or shown off against the background of the postbox, are guaranteed to attract high levels of attention.

Parcel and catalogue inserts

Inserts in parcels enable you to reach those who actively shop via mail order and recipients who are open to distance selling. Responses can be measured easily and there are no ancillary costs or additional postage costs. Obviously, your target group has to match that of the company dispatching the parcel or catalogue if your campaign is to be successful. We will be happy to draw up a quote tailored to your target group for your acquisition of new B2C or B2B customers at home or abroad. Why not contact us?

Media inserts

Print media enable precise targeting of your target group as you can select very precisely by circulation to kiosks or subscribers, by region, socio-demographic target group characteristics and, of course, by subject (animals, finance, leisure, type of sport, health, men, women…). When it comes to magazines, the number and range of topics seem virtually inexhaustible. We would be happy to advise you on which media to consider for your inserts. Contact our media team!

Special inserts

Hello! flyers, advertising on beer mats, Edgar cards, coat hangers, baked goods packaging, door hangers, car cards, inserts with invoices and correspondence, coupon inserts – the possibilities are endless! Depending on the aim of your campaign, we will be happy to distribute special inserts across the board or to selected households (distribution to households) for you.

Distribution to households

Targeted unpersonalised direct distribution is particularly well suited to generating addresses, winning new customers and inviting people to the point of sale. It is not subject to the restrictions imposed by the BDSG and there are (practically) no limits to the creativity you can use in designing your inserts. We will distribute your brochures specifically to your target group. Talk to our media team today!

Ambient inserts

Do you want to get your advertising out to car drivers? Then why not draw attention to yourself and your products by advertising on a petrol pump? Are you looking for consumers with an interest in sport and fitness? How about distributing brochures and sample goods in the changing rooms of fitness studios? See for yourself how precisely we can define your target group. Ambient media campaigns enable you to make the most of the potential offered by every age or income class. We can tell you how – just talk to our media team.

Our full service package for inserts

As a full-service provider, we can offer you comprehensive support in the planning and implementation of your cross-media campaigns. What is more, we will successfully produce whatever printed advertising media you want (within the realms of possibility) at the best possible price. We can produce and package your inserts and promotional materials. Throughout the design process we pay particular attention to optimum exploitation of the format and weight limits. Why not take advantage of our full service package for inserts?

We know the market and our experts know how to ensure the success of insert marketing via specific channels

Trebbau direct media GmbH is one of the biggest service providers in the field of inserts, so why not benefit from our expertise and the options we can offer. We now rent out directories from significantly over a hundred well-known mail order companies – many of them exclusively available from us – who would be happy to offer you the opportunity to include inserts in their parcels. You will find details of these exclusive lists in our list portfolio.

If you have any questions, simply contact our list broking or media teams via our contact form !