Optimising your postage costs

Avoid unnecessary postage costs!

The aim of any advertiser is to keep postage costs to a minimum. However, in a mailshot campaign, they are the biggest factor in the costs.

It is not simply a matter of limiting the addresses so that only relevant and interested persons receive your mailshots. It is also about optimising the postage costs that you pay per mailshot. In order to take advantage of all available discounts, our postage optimisation team analyses and collates the cleaned directories and works out what is the cheapest option for you.

We are able to optimise postage costs not only for Germany, but also for Austria and Switzerland. And since we have been certified by Belgian Post, we are able to optimise postage costs for Belgium, too.

Optimising postage costs with Trebbau

The earlier you involve us in your deliberations, the more likely it is that together we can come up with the most cost-effective solution. For this, we provide our data optimisation package, so that you can be sure that your marketing measures reach your customers – effectively and cost-effectively!

Optimisation of postage costs is always worthwhile, for every print run! We will show you:

  • the most efficient options for distribution
  • which method of dispatch provides the best conditions for which region
  • how you can make savings