Data management

The correct processing and maintenance of directories

An important part of dialogue marketing is the processing and optimisation of address information, because it is only if your address information is completely up to date, that your promotional measures will reach your customers without significant scatter losses and with optimised costs.

Whether you are operating at home or abroad, in B2B or B2C markets, we are guaranteed to get more from your data! Proper processing and updating of your directories will enable you to create the right basis for a successful and efficient customer dialogue. So don’t leave your address information up to chance. Make it the responsibility of one of our data management experts. They know exactly how your data need to be processed, maintained, stored and secured in order for you to achieve success with your direct marketing measures – and to save costs. We will be happy to take care of the data management for your mailshot campaigns and will provide you with a quote tailored specifically to your needs. Speak to our data processing team!

Data management includes many sub-areas which can contribute to the optimisation of your data in many ways:

Data processing

Various third-party directories, your own directories, blacklists – directories have often been put together in very different ways and cannot be used directly for your marketing campaigns. This primarily results from the use of different database software systems for each address source and the generation of directories from a range of sources. We will be happy to carry out the appropriate checks for you as well as cleaning and classifying your data and organising it into a uniform, optimum structure.

Updating data

We check your existing data to ensure the addresses and titles are correct, uncover any errors in recording and check whether the postal addresses are correct.


Using a range of reconciliation procedures, we examine your directories closely. This enables us to identify duplicates and addresses of people who have moved, to reconcile for those who have passed away and to check that the addresses you are using can be delivered to.

Checking creditworthiness

We reduce the risk of default on payment by running a credit check for both your existing data and for any directories which you rent out from third parties. You decide whether you want to exclude people or companies which have a low credit rating or whether you want, for example, to offer to sell them your products against advance payment.

Optimisation of postage costs

Optimisation of postage costs means you can save money on delivery. We will work with you to identify the best delivery option and reduce your postage costs.

Print preparation

Only correctly prepared print data can be processed. We convert your addresses into a format that means that they can be transferred onto paper by a wide range of printing systems, because the preparations necessary for digital printing, image personalisation, single sheets or endless printing not the same.

Our specials

We will show you how you can find out the age of a person from an analysis of the first name and how you can use that to reduce scatter losses and costs for your next marketing campaign.

The coalescing of economic cycles has meant that for many companies the demands on their own data have increased significantly. We undertake a fault-tolerant reconciliation of data in different languages and scripts. Whether registered offices in Germany (Latin script) or a branch office in Japan (characters), it is no obstacle to us!

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