Professional data management

Your customer data is the key to your success. This data provides you with information about the behaviour and buying patterns of your customers. However, the amount of the customer data you have collected alone will not bring you success. A much more important factor is how complete, up to date and accurate your directories are.

Are you aware that every year more than eight million people move home in Germany, more than 45 thousand streets are renamed and around 2,000 place names are changed? The same applies for the B2B sector: company names, responsibilities and job titles change almost continuously.

Well-maintained customer directories are a vital prerequisite for communicating effectively with your customers! You save on postage and advertising costs. Make sure that your data is always up to date.

Profitable outsourcing of your address data

Keep your data inventories up to date! Don’t leave your address data to chance; make it the responsibility of one of our data management experts. They know exactly how your data should be managed, maintained, stored and secured in order for your promotional measures to be successful and to cut your costs.

We will provide you with:

  • Clearly structured and up-to-date address data
  • Trust-style management of your directories
  • Additional services such as seed addresses, preparation of mailshots as PDF files to support use in call centres
  • A wide range of options available for your own mailshots
  • Secure data transfer

Save on costs

Excluding undeliverable addresses and duplicates will help you to make considerable savings in costs.

No loss of customers

Professional data management means you will not lose customers because they have moved or as a result of incorrect addressing.

Credit check

We check their creditworthiness to ensure that only customers who are capable of paying receive your promotional messages.

Optimisation of postage costs

We prepare your promotional mailshots to optimise postage costs so that you receive the biggest possible reductions.

Targeted approaches to customers

By adding additional data sets such as telephone information or industry codes to your company directories, you obtain a more precise profile and can make even more targeted approaches to your customers.

Addressing your customers correctly

Errors in capturing addresses can quickly result in ladies being turned into gentlemen and gentlemen into ladies. We ensure that you create a favourable, professional impression by addressing your customers correctly.

Maximum security standards for your customer data

If you entrust your valuable customer data to us, you can be sure that it will be protected with the highest security standards, because we work to the quality and performance standards of the “Deutsche Dialogmarketingverband e. V.” and are certified by them on an annual basis.

Choose what you need

We offer an impressive modular system – make use of just those services which you actually need. Contact our customer advisers from the Data Management team today. They will be happy to help you and to provide you with a quote tailored precisely to your needs.