Online lead generation

Win new customers and increase your turnover with co-sponsoring & co-registration

Whether you are a mail order trader, run an online shop, are a publishing house, a tour operator, a financial services provider or similar, or simply want to expand your newsletter distribution list, we will acquire new and, more importantly, fresh contact data for you, enabling you to successfully advertise your products /services. Our methods are, of course, all legally compliant. Accounting is entirely performance-based. Depending on the target set, a lead can be “merely” an e-mail address or it can include other criteria such as name, telephone number, postcode etc.

Together with our partners, we will generate high-quality, certified leads (B2C or B2B data sets) at home and abroad for you, including from:

  • Co-sponsoring
  • Co-registration
  • Cost per lead campaigns (display ads, stand-alones…)

Generate leads by offering incentives!

Exclusive competitions, campaigns with coupons or similar, white papers, case studies, field reports or the prospects of a chance to win something all increase the likelihood of potential customers revealing their contact data.

We can offer you cost-effective methods to acquire addresses, especially if you choose co-sponsoring or co-registration. You decide which contact data (postal or e-mail addresses and/or telephone numbers) is relevant for you.


Co-sponsoring is a cost-effective way to generate potential new customers. Whether it is e-mail addresses, postal addresses or telephone numbers, all of the addresses acquired are, of course, legally compliant, opt-in validated and ready to use. The advantage of co-sponsoring measures is that we can quickly provide you with a large number of new addresses which correspond to your target group. Consequently, you are able to build up your newsletter distribution list immediately and achieve a new high media output.


Co-registration enables you to acquire qualified leads with the data of potential customers who have confirmed an explicit interest in your company, its products or services and have legally agreed to direct contact from you via e-mail, post or telephone. You are provided with data sets where the interest in buying is high, providing optimum support to all your sales channels. In contrast to co-sponsoring, in this case it is not so much the quantity but the quality of the leads you acquire that matters.

Trebbau thus provides you with high-quality data sets (leads), enabling you to successfully acquire new customers. Depending upon your requirements, you will be given:

  • E-mail addresses
  • Telephone numbers
  • Postal addresses

We will be happy to advise you on the subject of online lead generation. Before you launch your next lead generation campaign, talk to Sabine Schätzer about the opportunities available to you. She will provide you with a non-binding quote tailored to your needs.