Winning back customers

Revive customer loyalty

A fixed base of regular customers and high levels of customer satisfaction are essential for long-term and stable earnings. However, measures to win back customers are not always worthwhile. When it comes to customers who make small purchases, for example, the effort and expense is not proportionate to the income or profit generated. Work out which inactive customers would pay back on your investment in such measures and target your activities at them.

Analyse your existing customer base

In order to be able to actively revive customers, you must start by analysing the potential offered by your existing customers. A potential analysis of your customer databases enables you to divide up your client base by various criteria. This highlights the frequency of purchases and the length of time that has elapsed since they last placed an order, enabling you to identify a buying pattern for each customer. We can then compare this to the potential sales volume. The potential matrix that this generates supports you in correctly identifying your priorities. As a result, you can adapt your campaigns for winning back customers to suit their various buying patterns and potential sales volumes. For example, customers who are good at snapping up a bargain could be offered special loyalty bonuses, whilst those that only place occasional low-value orders can be motivated to make more purchases by means of special offers. Additionally more, many of the measures employed to improve customer loyalty can also be used to win back customers.

How do you make sure your reactivation measures actually get through to customers?

Make former and inactive customers aware of your products and services! Send out direct mailshots, for example, and remind your “old” customers about the benefits your company has to offer. Give your customers the benefit of added value and motivate them to make purchases.

Trebbau’s full service package for winning back customers

Our full service package includes professional data management, production of your promotional materials, personalisation and distribution via our in-house lettershop.

Why not contact one of the customer advisers from our lettershop & production team? They will be happy to advise you on what you need to do in order to revive “old” customers.

Data processing

Ensure that your customer lists are always well-maintained and up to date. Updating for relocation and removing duplicates, the deceased and bad payers reduces scatter losses and saves on delivery costs. We process your data prior to distributing mailshots and help you make sure that your mailshots reach their targets.

Lettershop & production

From the initial ideas right through to distribution, we are there to help you! Thanks to our lettershop and our production service, we are able to manage every aspect of your mailshots: production, insertion into envelopes, personalisation and timely distribution, all from a single source!