Mailshots in envelopes

We insert over 800,000 mailings into envelopes every day

You want your mailings in envelopes? Here at Trebbau our doors are always open! Whether it be a classic mailshot or a more challenging individualised VarioMail design, whether high-volume inserts or high-quality invitations, large-format catalogues or small business cards, our modern inserting machines can rise to any challenge!

Multiple reconciliations and a selective feed ensure that your recipients receive an approach tailored specifically to your target group. The high degree of technical flexibility and intelligent equipment ensure smooth and reliable implementation of your requirements, without losing sight of our quality standards. Of course, this also applies to delivery to the carrier of your choice with optimised postage costs. You can rest assured that the postage costs will be kept to a minimum!

In order for your forms to fit into the envelope, they must first be cut and folded into the final format. We undertake this quickly, cleanly and in high volumes in our well-equipped lettershop. The possibilities are endless: from the cutting and folding of any format via a gate fold with subsequent head trimming to creative processing with our merger and collection station. Be it separation cutting, cutting out or edge trimming – everything is possible!

Selective promotional material feeding with Trebbau

If you know precisely what your customers want, why not send them precisely that?
Our selective envelope insertion station with a computer-operated camera system ensures that your customers only get the information that is relevant to them. As a result, you are able to make an individual and targeted approach to your customer in a single mailshot. You not only cut down on unnecessary scatter losses but also reduce postage and production costs.
Or you can try out a range of brochures in one mailing.
Our tip: combine the selective promotional material feed with the mechanised address comparison and you can save postage costs with delivery as a DIALOGPOST version.

The benefits:

  • Up to a maximum of 12 components
  • Formats ranging from ISO C6 to B4
  • Addresses compared up to 8 times
  • Selective feed of up to 8 components
  • Hybrid feeders
  • Slider
  • Batch Feeder
  • Documented 100% dispatch

Trebbau’s specials

Do you want to make it more personal, lasting or special? Stand out from the crowd and create a lasting impression with our specials! With our envelope insertion machines, we are not only able to put your letters into envelopes, but we are also able to affix items to them. Thanks to our pick and place modules, we can affix 3D promotional materials such as samples or gimmicks to your flyer or communication precisely and removably.

Pick and place

Attaching a gimmick or a sample to it significantly increases the likelihood that your mailshot will stick in your customer’s memory. Pick and place transforms any standard mailshot into something special. Give free rein to your creativity in order to attract your customers’ attention. Enhance your mailshots with customer cards, samples, business cards, stickers, coffee pads, tea bags or packets of seeds, etc.

Read and print

An individualised impression of a branch or your customer’s favourite product printed on the reverse of the envelope makes the recipient more likely to pay attention to your mailshot and increases the response rate. Thanks to the electronic address comparison, this kind of individualisation is now possible (read and print). Even during the envelope insertion stage we are able to print messages on the envelopes by means of ink-jet printing.

Use this to point out special events in a specific region. Or why not make use of what you know about your customer’s buying habits (such as their favourite perfume, a book by their favourite author) to immediately attract their attention with a targeted promotional message on the envelope? Would you like to know more? Our customer advisers will be happy to help you.

Envelope insertion at Trebbau

Why not let us advise you? Find out all about the options available when inserting your mailshots into envelopes. Together with you and your ideas, we will make sure that your mailshots stick in your customer’s memory. Contact our lettershop/production team.