Household advertising

Nationwide or selective?

Naturally we will be happy to distribute your promotional materials “to every household” nationwide, but is the “scatter gun approach” really the most efficient form of direct distribution? Most definitely not, because thanks to micro and geomarketing, you can also ensure that unaddressed promotional materials are posted through precisely the right letter boxes with significantly reduced scatter losses.
We have a pretty good idea which suburbs, city districts, streets etc., the consumers in match your target groups live in.

The more you can narrow your target areas down, the greater the accuracy. To put it simply: your promotional materials will be more effective.

Household advertising with Trebbau

Unaddressed household advertising, also known as delivering leaflets, is much more than just a broadly based distribution of leaflets. Carefully targeted distribution of your flyers means you will reach your customers more effectively – because offers that are delivered to precisely the right households for your target group will stand out from the normal, broadly scattered mass. We analyse and localise target group potential on the basis of geographic, socio-demographic and/or life-style factors in order to facilitate targeted delivery of your promotional materials.

Leaflets are delivered to households using all standard planning levels, including postcode analysis by area or street, GEOmarkets, districts, micro-geographic clusters.

The benefits of household advertising:

  • Detailed target group selection
  • Significant reduction in scatter losses
  • More cost-effective than third-party addresses
  • Integration of your existing customer data possible

Targeted, unpersonalised direct distribution is particularly suited for:

  • generating addresses
  • new customer acquisition
  • inviting people to the point of sale

It is not subject to the restrictions imposed by the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG)

In addition to conventional promotional measures, such as the distribution of flyers/brochures, we can also deliver special promotional formats, such as door hangers, HELLO! flyers or samples, straight to your target group.

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