Meaningful analyses

The starting point for your success

When it comes to winning new customers, the analysis stage is an absolute must. The success of your advertising depends to a large extent on the target group you select and the country you are trying to reach it in.

A target group analysis identifies people who show a high level of affinity for your products and are most likely to buy them. No matter which sector you operate in, identifying your target group as precisely as possible and knowing what sets it apart from others is key.

We will support you in generating potential new customers and we can provide a comprehensive target group and country analysis as needed.

Target group analysis with the experts at Trebbau

Using their expert knowledge, the results of market research and market analyses, our target group advisers will draw up a detailed profile of your target group and work out the best way of reaching it.

A range of criteria can be applied to filter out those with the highest level of affinity and from whom a response is most likely e.g, filtering by:

  • Age
  • Lifestyle
  • Consumer habits
  • Leisure habits
  • Education
  • Purchasing power

Our target group analysis gives you an advantage over your competition

The wide-ranging target group analysis options offered by Trebbau really give you a decisive advantage over the competition! Having a clear and realistic image of your customers and knowing how you can reach them will pave your way to success. Make the most of this opportunity!

Structural analysis of customers- & interested parties

We will analyse the structure of your potential or existing customers in the B2B and B2C sectors. If needed, we will enrich your data and identify those characteristics which best describe your target group.

Scoring process

Target group scoring enables us to identify B2C or B2B customers who most resemble your existing customers, because companies and private individuals with similar buying habits have similar characteristics and lead a similar lifestyle. Our analytical methods enable you to implement your new customer acquisition strategy efficiently.

Geographical analyses

We identify significant regional information, enabling us to answer questions such as: “Which are the most suitable areas for you to acquire new customers? What features characterise these areas?”

Target group profile

If no customer data is available, an alternative to a customer structure analysis is the best for planning (b4p) market media study. This analysis reveals a standardised brief overview of the characteristics of your private customers.

Market- & country analysis

Naturally, new customer acquisition can also be undertaken across borders. If you want to expand or are already operating abroad, we will be happy to support you and to carry out individual country analyses to assess market attractiveness and identify any barriers to entering the market.

Macro-economic analyses

Evaluation of the economic figures:

  • Developments in inflation
  • Rate of unemployment
  • Population trends
  • Rate of growth of GDP

Market attractiveness

Evaluation based on the following criteria:

  • E-commerce turnover
  • Mobile shopping
  • Advertising expenses
  • Internet use
  • Online shopping
  • Advertising media

Barriers to market entry

Identification of any barriers to entering the market:

  • Linguistic diversity
  • Distribution methods
  • Data protection
  • Payment methods
  • Specificities in data processing

How you benefit from collaborating with us

  • Precise analysis of your target group based on many years of experience
  • You get to know your interested parties and customers better
  • Together we find the best way to attract your target group
  • You can also use the results of the analyses for your measures to improve customer loyalty
  • Our market- & country analyses reveal the attractiveness of the market and any barriers to entry for direct marketing