Reconciliation of data

Update your addresses and reduce your advertising costs

By making optimum use of various reconciliation procedures to update your addresses, we will help you to increase efficiency and improve the response rate from your advertising campaigns.
We ensure this by carrying out a standard reconciliation for duplicates and using negative blacklists.
We would be happy to provide you with individual support in selecting the right reconciliation system for you and to bring your customer directories up to date, whether domestic or international.
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Update your addresses by means of a reconciliation for:

  • Relocation addresses (relocation reconciliation)
  • Deceased persons (data cleaning)
  • Undeliverable addresses (deliverability check)
  • Negatively rated and blacklisted addresses

Removing duplicates

When choosing your perfect target group, duplication between the rented data and your own directories is very common. Even duplicates within the same list are also not unusual. The reconciliation finds and documents them so you save on costs for addresses, letters and postage.

But the best effect is seen with your customers, because they only want to receive your promotional materials once.

As well as removing duplicates, we can reconcile your lists against all kinds of blacklists, e.g. Robinson list, and produce a fully cleaned, definitive directory.

The benefits of a duplicate reconciliation:

  • Cost savings
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Positive company image portrayed to the customer
  • Higher response rates from marketing campaigns

By updating for relocation you avoid:

  • High numbers of returns
  • Repeat mailings (to both the old and the new address)
  • Unnecessary expenses for production, distribution and postage
  • Inefficient marketing campaigns

Updating addresses by means of a relocation reconciliation

Around 22,000 people move house every day in Germany. Over the course of a year, this will include around 12% of your customers. Very few of them inform contractual partners and service providers of their new address. As a result, many of your customers’ and interested parties’ addresses will no longer be up to date.

However, by carrying out a reconciliation for relocation you can stay in touch with them. So don’t lose customers who have moved house or (perhaps because they have got married) are using a different name.

With our relocation reconciliation, which accesses all available reference databases, we will bring your data up to date and restore customers to your database who have changed address.

Deliverability check

Even in the best maintained databases, it can happen that an address is undeliverable, if, for example, the known place of residence changes and tracks get crossed as a result.

Since undeliverable mailshots are not returned, you can only find this out by using a premium address for delivery or by carrying out a reconciliation for relocation.

If you want to be fully informed before you post your material, we recommend that you carry out a deliverability check as part of your data processing. This will not only save on production costs for your mailshot or catalogue but also, of course, the cost of postage for delivery.

Our deliverability check includes a check of:

  • Surnames and first names of individuals or company names
  • Street names and house or PO box numbers
  • Postcodes and place names

You benefit by:

  • Reducing the number of undeliverable items
  • Saving money on production and distribution
  • Reaffirming your good reputation and avoiding complaints from surviving relatives

Reconciliation of addresses for the deceased and cleaning of data

It is a sad but inevitable fact that people in your customer base may pass away. Although your communication will almost certainly be received at the same address by surviving relatives, it can be very distressing for them. On the other hand, if your customer was single, then your promotional materials cannot be delivered. Avoid these situations by having your data professionally cleaned.

Just as for the relocation reconciliation, we use a reconciliation against reference directories to identify those in your data lists who have passed away or remove them using third-party directories.

Clean up your data and remove addresses of deceased persons from your directories!