Regional marketing

A wide range of media convey your message, locally and regionally

Do you want to advertise across regions, regionally or locally within Germany and are you looking for an agency that is aware of all the special features offered by different types of media?
Then you have come to the right place, because we can offer you not only the full range of print, billboard, radio and cinema advertising, tailored to your needs and your target group, but also target group-based and regional distribution of your brochures/flyers/special advertising formats via a Postwurfspezial, direct distribution or in the immediate vicinity of your potential customers.

Regional marketing with Trebbau

Regional marketing obviously depends to a large extent upon the product. There are many chances and opportunities, but what do you really need? Where will your promotional message best reach your potential customers? In a newspaper or on a billboard? Via an insert or a website? Here at Trebbau we specialise in regional marketing and can tell you which media will best enable you to reach your target group and which cross-media links are most suitable for you.

The possibilities are practically endless:

Printed advertisements

The range of printed media is extremely diverse. There are different magazines for every topic, which makes selection by interested parties much easier. What is more, in spite of the Internet, magazines continue to be a widespread medium and they still enjoy a high level of acceptance. A whole host of regional newspapers and magazines are available for regional marketing. We would be happy to advise you on the options for printed advertisements.

Household advertising

Household advertising (also known as direct distribution) is indispensable for regional offers. Brochures and leaflets serve as guides for shoppers in your area. In addition to conventional promotional measures, such as handing out flyers/brochures, Trebbau offers you the opportunity to deliver attention-grabbing door hangers or HELLO! flyers to your target group. We use geomarketing to identify the areas where your target group is to be found.


With the Postwurfspezial you can deliver partially addressed promotional messages to potential new customers regionally or nationwide. An approach specifically aimed at your target group and partial addressing attract considerable attention among recipients and create a feeling of being addressed personally. Trebbau’s “full service package” includes: advice, target group selection, potential counting, labelling, packaging of the promotional materials and delivery through the post.

Outdoor advertising

With regional or local billboard advertising, you can advertise precisely where your target group is to be found. Thanks to the physical presence, billboard advertising gives you the opportunity to anchor your messages firmly in consumers’ minds, and is especially well-suited to brand development and making potential customers aware of products, services or events. Just as for household marketing, the areas frequented by your target group are identified by means of geomarketing.

Ambient advertising

Properly placed, ambient media open up new channels to potential customers. They are particularly suited to regional campaigns for introducing new products and for building up your image. Ambient media surprise rather than irritate. With ambient media, the possibilities are almost limitless: for example, drinks manufacturers advertise on beermats in fashionable establishments; purveyors of sun cream and ice-cream have a presence at swimming pools; and free samples enable customers to experience products directly in fitness studios, golf courses or bakeries.


In the current day and age, life without the internet is unimaginable. So why not get active online? The web offers almost limitless possibilities. Online advertising can also be booked regionally and is becoming increasingly relevant for local advertising customers – even beyond Google Ads. Local dealers can place their local advertisements on advertising portals, in digital sector-specific directories, in apps, on Facebook, town portals or the digital portals of daily newspapers and advertising sheets. Why not take a look at our online advertising range?

Radio advertisements

When it comes to radio ads, you can choose from a range of public and private radio stations. Plan your advertisements cost-effectively, efficiently and within budget by choosing the right radio service provider. Choose from local, regional or national stations, for example. Ultimately, the cost of your advertisement depends upon the time it is transmitted and the number of listeners. We would be happy to help you find the right radio station and make you aware of the possibilities radio advertising can offer.

Cinema advertising

Using cinema advertising you can attract a high level of attention from your target group. It is similar to advertising on the television but somewhat cheaper and viewers cannot simply change channels. By selecting the film and the time it is shown, you can select your target group locally, regionally or nationwide. With the large screen and outstanding sound system, the cinema is ideally suited to conveying emotions. In the blink of an eye, you acquire new customers and have the opportunity to improve your brand image.
We would be happy to advise you on the possibilities for cinema advertising and to work with you to plan your big moment on screen.