Updating data

We check and update your directories, saving you money

Well-maintained customer directories are a vital prerequisite for successful communication with your customers. That is why impeccable directories are an absolute must if you want to embark upon efficient CRM and successful dialogue marketing – and if you aim to save on costs.

By keeping your directories up to date, you create the perfect basis for successful and efficient dialogue with your customers.

Updating data with Trebbau

Take advantage of our data updating services and save money. We check your data against various criteria and thus avoid you sending mailshots out to addresses which are no longer up to date.

Data check – checking of your existing data

After every data transfer we carry out a statistical analysis. The results show which address units are included in the relevant fields and definitively identify deviations.
The output shows distribution by gender or company, for example, the regional distribution by postcode districts and federal states as well as the distribution by age. If anything particularly stands out, we will inform you immediately and agree with you how we should proceed.

Statistical analysis:

  • Address units
  • Regional distribution by postcode districts and federal states
  • Age distribution
  • Distribution by gender and company
  • Academic level
  • Title (nobility)
  • PO Box addresses
  • Level of completeness of individual characteristics (e.g. customer number, ID etc.)

Checking that addresses are valid:

  • Correcting postcodes
  • Checking the existence of and correcting place and street names
  • Expanding street lists to cover almost all places
  • Up-to-date reference database

Post-OK will tell you whether the address is correct

The correct postal address is particularly important, not only for delivery, but also in terms of the trust that is being placed in your company.

Post-OK checks the validity and mapping of the postcode as well as checking that places and streets exist and are spelled correctly. If any deviations from the reference database are identified, the tool can automatically make corrections and update the information. Any information which cannot be corrected automatically can be reported separately.

Checking names – correct titles for names

Naturally everyone knows that John is a man and Joanna is a woman, but identifying the gender is not so easy for every name. Likewise, errors in recording can quickly turn ladies into gentlemen and gentlemen into ladies.

The name check is guaranteed to correct such information. We recommend you take advantage of it, because addressing a person correctly makes your offer all the more attractive.

Correcting data with absolute certainty:

  • Accurately assign titles to first names
  • Correct the use of capitals and lower case letters in names
  • Adapt the personalisation to match the title
  • Delete duplicated names
  • etc.