Outdoor advertising

Turn heads with large-scale outdoor advertising

Targeted and efficient out-of-home planning through precisely targeted placement planning. Outdoor advertising enables you to reach people on the go. Since you cannot turn off or turn to the next page when faced with outdoor advertising, this form of advertising is guaranteed to make a lasting impression every time.

Large-scale outdoor advertising, such as large-format billboards, mega lights and entire pillars, enable you and your product to attract more attention, especially if you use geomarketing to ensure optimum placement of your out-of-home media.

A targeted approach to your target group with outdoor advertising:
Large-format billboards, entire pillars and some mega lights can be selected individually and are to be found throughout the town. Collaborating with specialist agencies, we select locations on the basis of geomarketing, and so provide you with the best possible conditions to ensure the success of your outdoor marketing campaign.

Outdoor advertising with Trebbau

The task is to identify PLZ8 districts (or other small geographic clusters) with a high concentration of people in your target group and then to use a very detailed database for your out-of-home planning. By combining information on the geographic distribution of your target group with detailed knowledge of where advertising media are located, we maximise the potential for avoiding scatter losses and increasing advertising pressure in locations where your target group is to be found.

Reserved for your outdoor advertising:

  • Large-format billboards
  • Shared spaces
  • City-light posters
  • Entire pillars
  • Giant posters
  • Super posters
  • Infoscreens
  • Mega lights
  • Transport media
  • Out-of-home digital media
  • Interactive outdoor advertising

Infoscreens and co. – the outdoor advertising of the future?

Classic advertising media such as billboards are increasingly being superseded by illuminated, flashing and reflective items. LED screens, videoboards and audiovisual advertising media are becoming increasingly important and are dominating public spaces. Outdoor advertising offers you a wide range of opportunities to convey your promotional message and is a perfect addition to the existing media mix. Large digital screens in high footfall areas will attract just the right amount of attention for you!

Why not take advantage of the synergistic effects of large formats, mailshots and/or brochure inserts?
With a combination of large-format billboards and mailshots, you can deliver your promotional messages to your target groups at home and on the go. The different strengths of the various media complement each other perfectly: as a push medium, the billboard lays the foundation for your customer’s interest in your product, and once the product is known other media, such as mailshots and/or inserts, can do their work efficiently.

We will plan nationwide, national campaigns or regional and local promotional measures for you. Get in touch via our contact form or speak directly to Anne Boos!